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Select from our shade loving species of moss for use in your landscape or container gardens.   Fern moss (Thuidium), Sheet moss (Hypnum) , Mood moss (Dicranum), Cushion moss and Hair cap moss are a low maintenance  alternative to a grass lawn. Shade loving moss will bring you serenity in your garden.  

         Every order comes with complete instructions on how to plant your shade moss or moss product. We provide moss all year long and we look forward to filling your order! We also provide a moss guarantee so rest easy knowing you have found quality moss products!

Here at Mostly Moss we work hard to fill all of your moss needs. Mostly Moss ships five varieties of shade moss throughout the United States and Canada. We offer a complete line of moss accessories and moss products for growing moss and gardening with moss. We take pride in the quality of our sheet moss, cushion moss, rock cap moss, hair cap moss, and fern moss. Whether it is for a large landscaping project or just for fun, we strive to bring you the best quality moss in an extremely timely manner. All moss is guaranteed in stock and all orders ship within 3-4 business days

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MOSS- A small flowerless green shade plant that lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules.

Mosses and liverworts together comprise the division Bryophyta, the first green land plants to develop in the process of evolution. It is believed that they evolved from certain very primitive vascular plants and have not given rise to any other type of plant. Their rootlike rhizomes and leaflike processes lack the vascular structure (xylem and pholem) of the true roots ,stems ,and leaves found in higher plants. Although limited to moist habitats because they require water for fertilization, bryophytes are usually extremely hardy and grow everywhere except in the sea. Mosses, the more complex class structurally, usually grow vertically rather than horizontally, like the liverworts.